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Pizza Clicker

Pizza Clicker is an idle clicker game where you have to create millions of mouthwatering pizzas!

How to play Pizza Clicker game

The game works just like any other idle clicker game. Your goal is to create as many pizzas as you can by tapping on the pizza icon on the screen. When you accumulate a certain number of pizzas, you can unlock numerous upgrades and ingredients. Buy them to increase your production. More than that, you can purchase different toppings like tomato sauce, corn, green olive, sausage, egg, and many more to add flavors to your pizza. 

This game has many mysterious creatures, beams, and other cool upgrades that can help you boost income and pizza production. 

Release Date

August 2014

Game Features

Lots of upgrades

Different ingredients to buy


PC and Mobile

Game Controls

Use the left mouse button to play

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