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Papa's Pastaria

It is time to put your knowledge and skill with Italian cuisine to the test with Papa's Pastaria. It's a part of the Papa Louie game series. 

How to play Papa's Pastaria

You will operate an Italian pasta restaurant. When you start the game, the first thing is to select a character. Then, when the customer comes, you have to take orders and make delicious spaghetti!

To create the perfect plate of pasta, you must take orders, cook and mix noodles, and pour delectable sauces. Add seasoning shakers and toppings to each dish of pasta. Then, complete the meal with a side of freshly baked bread. Work your way through the holidays by serving amazing dishes to customers.

Papa's Pastaria consists of four stations.

  • Order Station
  • Cook Station (Boiling Station)
  • Build Station
  • Bread Station

Actually, the Order Station is identical in all Papa Louie games. When a customer comes, the ticket is placed on the line and then dragged down to the cook station.

This time, the cook station has a different appearance, since all you need to do is place the correct variety of pasta into the water. You must wait until the pasta has reached the customer's desired level.

After placing the spaghetti on the plate, you proceed to the build station. Here, the spaghetti is topped with sauce and additional ingredients.

After completing your pasta, proceed to the bread stand. After sliding the bread along the conveyor belt, the consumer will evaluate your cooking and pasta-making skills.

Good luck and have fun with Papa's Pastaria game!

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