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Papa's Scooperia

Papa's Scooperia is the fourteenth game in the Papa Louie game series. It’s a cooking game where you take on the role of a manager at an ice cream shop in Onion Town. Your daily job is to create yummy cakes, decorate them with scoops of ice cream on top, and then serve the beloved guests. The goal is to make the best dish in the shortest amount of time to satisfy your customers. Are you confident in your cooking skills? Play the game and prove you are a master of sweets.

How to play Papa's Scooperia

The gameplay is simple.

You will play as Carlo, Koilee, or a custom character. There are four stations that you need to manage:

The Order Station is where you take orders from customers.

The Dough Station is where you build the cake.

The Bake Station is where you bake the cake.

The Build Station is where you decorate the cake with toppings and other ingredients before serving the customers.

Game Features:

With its colorful graphics and joyful music, this is a fascinating cooking game.

Besides, this game offers players an opportunity to customize their own character by choosing the character’s name, hairstyle, skin color, and many more.

Tips and tricks:

When a customer gives the order, the game will show you how each dish is prepared. You should keep everything in mind to complete the dish as they order.

Take your time to learn the process. Don’t put yourself in a hurry, or you will easily make mistakes when preparing the food in the game.

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