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Papa's Wingeria

Papa’s Wingeria is the sixth part of the Papa’s game series. It’s a restaurant management game in which you take on the role of a fried-chicken wing restaurant located in Starlight City. Your main task in this game is to take food orders and serve delicious food. Let's play the game and see if you can run the restaurant.

How to play Papa's Wingeria

Players will take the role of Chuck or Mandi, the two main characters of this Wingeria restaurant. In this cooking game, you are responsible for running a grilled chicken restaurant and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

The gameplay is quite simple. First, you take customer orders at the Order Station. Next, you move to the Fry Station to fry the chicken. Then, it's time to add sauce at the Sauce Station. The last station to complete the dish is to Build Station. It's where you decorate the food.

Game Features

Papa’s Wingeria offers players a chance to customize their own character. It means that, in addition to the two main characters available, you can create your own character by selecting clothing, hats, and other accessories.

Like any other cooking game, it’s quite easy to handle the gameplay because of the simple game rules. Therefore, it can be said that Papa’s Wingeria is a game for all ages.

Papa's Wingeria is a relaxing cooking game to play.

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