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Papa's Freezeria

Summer is approaching, and it's time for some tasty sweet sundaes in a variety of flavors. Join Papa’s Freezeria game for infinitely exciting moments.

In this game, you will take on the role of an ice cream maker who is the master of sweets. With the available ingredients like cream, strawberries, cookies, chocolate, and so on, your task is to mix them in order to create a perfect sundae depending on the customer’s requirements. It sounds fun, right? Don’t waste your time; play the game and have a great time.

How to play Papa’s Freezeria

In Papa’s Freezeria, players will play the role of the manager and waiter. You take the customer’s order at the Order Station, then move to the Build Station to make the sundae. After that, move to the Mix Station to blend the mixture. Finally, put the topping on the sundae at the Top Station.

Use your left mouse click to select, drag, and move your selected ingredients.

Game Features:

Belonging to the famous Papa’s series, Papa’s Freezeria is one of the most popular cooking games. This game is suitable for people of all ages with its easy-to-understand gameplay and simple game control.

The game's soundtrack is another unique feature that keeps players interested in this game genre. The 2000s-themed music, with its joyful melody, really brings us back to childhood with nostalgic feelings.

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