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Papa's Cheeseria

Imagine that one day you will become the manager of a sandwich shop. What would you do to run your business? Join Papa's Cheeseria game, where you have the opportunity to build the most delicious sandwich and manage the best sandwich shop in town. Like other cooking games, you have to make the perfect sandwich to meet the customer’s requirements.

How to play Papa's Cheeseria

There are four Stations in Papa’s Cheeseria.

Order Station: You receive the customer’s order and the customer's preferences.

Build Station: You start making a sandwich by choosing the appropriate breads, toppings, and other ingredients. Then drag the cheese to the first piece of bread. After that, put a slice of turkey and some tomatoes in the center of the sandwich. Don’t forget to add some mustard, too. Finally, place the sandwich on top of the top piece of bread and place it in the grill station.

Grill Station: After putting the sandwich into the Grill Station, wait until it is cooked. 

Fry Station: All orders also come with French fries. Wait until the fries have finished cooking, then drag the fryer basket to the plate. Then, put a scoop of cheese on it.

Game Features:

The gameplay is quite similar in comparison with other cooking games in Papa’s series, so if you are familiar with the previous parts, you will easily handle the gameplay. 

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