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Papa's Hot Doggeria

Papa's Hot Doggeria is another part of the Papa Louie series. In this game, you have to make tasty hot dogs for the baseball fans at Griller Stadium.

On the first day of the baseball season, fans flock to the stadium waiting for exciting games. You must assume the role of Taylor, Peggy, or a custom worker at Papa's Hot Doggeria, preparing the best possible hot dogs for the customers. Take orders, grill hot dogs, and top them with a variety of condiments to make all the fans happy while cheering for your favorite team.

How to play Papa's Hot Doggeria

The game includes four Stations: Order Station, Grill Station, Build Station, and Pop Station.

Order Station: The place where customers give their orders.

Grill Station: Drag a raw hot dog onto the empty spot on the grill. Then, flip until it's done.

Build Station: Add some extra ingredients to the hot dog, such as relish, sauces, and more.

Pop Station: You prepare the drink by activating the Drink machine. After that, put some popcorn on the right side of the food tray.

Game Features

Papa’s Hot Doggeria offers players different holidays and various stickers to unlock. There are also some exciting mini-games not seen in previous seasons.

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