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Papa's Bakeria

Welcome to another installment in the restaurant management Papa’s game series where you manage a bakery in the restaurant management game named Papa's Bakeria. You are responsible for making and serving the best pies to your guests. Like in any other cooking game, your main task is to create the best dish according to the customer’s orders.

How to play Papa's Bakeria

Firstly, you have to take orders from the customers at the Order Station.

Next, switch to the Build Station to start making pies by choosing the correct bread, filling them with a variety of ingredients, and baking them.

Then, at the Grill Station, you'll put the sandwich on the grill and bake it.

Finally, move to the Top Station to decorate the pie with some toppings and other extra ingredients.

Game Features

Papa’s Bakeria game is the first season that offers the Sticker Section. As you complete all the in-game tasks, you will receive colorful stickers which can be used to unlock new outfits for your guests. 

You can use the money you've earned to buy furniture and decorate the restaurant. 

It's a fun cooking game to play. 

Last but not least, with the money and tips you get from customers, you can use them to buy furniture to put in your lobby.

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