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Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack

Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack is the first part of the Papa Louie platformer game series. In this game, Papa Louie has to save pizzas and rescue his customers. 

How to play Papa Louie When Pizzas Attack

Players have to fight their way through various levels and battle against pizza and food monsters. Try to stay alive and collect all pizzas along the way. You win the game when you reach the end and free all of the customers.

You can defeat the monsters using bats and bombs. Remember that you have to use cheese if you want to eliminate cheese monsters.

Game plot

While Papa Louie hosted a celebration at the restaurant, the Onion Ring showed up and turned delicious pizzas into monsters. They teleported all the customers to a faraway land. And Papa Louie has to rescue his faithful customers, defeat the onion ring, and bring delicious pizza back. 

Game Features

  • Play as the iconic Papa Louie
  • Different food monsters to fight
  • Save all of the pizzas

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