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Papa Louie Moutain Adventure

In Papa Louie Moutain Adventure game, Papa Louie has to climb mountains, discover new regions, acquire riches, and battle enemies to get as many coins as possible.

How to play Papa Louie Moutain Adventure

Papa will not cook today in order to go for riches and battle monsters. There are many levels of increasing difficulty. Play the game and see if you can overcome all obstacles.

It's time for a fresh adventure. If you don't know why Papa Louie has to go on an adventure. Then, it's because he is trying to collect coins to run another business. Now you need to help him go through all kinds of obstacles, complete all levels, and gather coins along the way. 

The game sets in the mountain. There are many different places to explore. You can move with the arrow keys on your keyboard. When you meet an enemy, press the Z key on your keyboard to attack. 

It's a fantastic game to play.

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