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Papa Louie Adventure In Village

Papa Louie Adventure In Village is an adventure game that sets in the village. The main character is Papa Louie, the king of cooking. He now joins the adventure to gather coins.

How to play Papa Louie Adventure game

Papa Louie sets on an adventure in the village to hunt for coins. Your goal is to help him overcome all monsters and obstacles and gather as much coins as possible. 

The game controls are simple. You can use the arrow keys to move. Press the X key to activate the bomb. And press the Z key on your keyboard to attack the monsters. 

You must use all of your efforts in order to complete each level of the game, and along the way, you must gather as many coins and bonus objects as you can. Of course, there will also be several obstacles that you must avoid, as well as monsters that you must attempt to eliminate if at all possible in order to increase your score. Have fun!

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