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Papa Louie 6

Papa Louie 6 is chef Louie's amazing journey across the pizza realm. Louie, a great chef and owner of a well-known junk food restaurant business, never anticipated that one day food monsters would rebel and capture his buddies. Louie is determined to save his pal and must take part in this perilous conflict.

How to Play

Move around to dodge obstacles and strike foes with pepper bombs or direct attacks. Be extremely cautious with opponent cheese, because if you are struck, you will be unable to move.

Game tips

Concentrate on the pizza attacks and eliminate them.
You have hammers for direct strikes and tear gas canisters for long-range attacks.
Pay attention when you can't attack immediately.
Unlock more thrilling levels in the game.

This is a genuinely spectacular adventure that you should not miss.


Walking: arrow keys

Jump: spacebar

Gliding: press and hold the space bar

Swinging: press “Z” key to hit enemies

Poised walk: Hold Z/ walk release to swing

Pepper bomb: X


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